MATEC 50HV - Unique in total of their versatility

Swiveling spindle head for complex machining

MATEC 50HV is based on the concept of the long-bed machine
MATEC 50L. One of the particular machine features is a swivel head.
A variety of CNC rotary tables in connection with the swivel head
allow the 5-side or 3D machining of work parts.

The long X-axis and the swivel head swiveling 105° to both
sides guarantee multilateral machining of long profiles or
shafts in multiple clamping.


  • Performance Class SK50|HSK-A 100
  • X-Axis = 2,000-12,000 mm
  • Y-Axis = 800|1,000|1,200 mm
  • Z-Axis = 1,100|1,300|1,350 mm
  • Speed Range: 8.000-15.000 rpm
  • Drive Power Motor Spindle: max. 68 kW
  • Torque max. 460 Nm

  • Highest precision and rigidity due to wide guide distances in all linear axes
  • Constant distance from spindle center to Z-axis guidance in every position of the Y-axis. As a result, no tilting and no increase in vibration when extending the Y-axis
  • Strong CNC swivel head with continuous movement or with clamping
  • Adaptation of workspaces according to production task and application
  • User-related machine table variations e.g. with swivel table or linear sets for automatic conversion
  • Tool change system (double gripper, shuttle, shuttle with round tool storage, side pick-up magazines)
  • Tool lengths up to 450 mm

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