MATEC HV730 HP - Unique in total of their versatility

Swiveling spindle head for complex machining

HV-series machines are truly multi-talented. As the 4th axis, the
HV-spindle enables both, vertical and horizontal machining. An
additional 5th axis can also be connected. E.g. with a connected
rotary table for 5-sided or 3-D machining.

The HV series can be configured to suit a wide range of requirements with
precision, allowing complex machining tasks to be resolved optimally here
as well.This series is the cornerstone for machining centers with a high
level of automation. Versatile and flexible. The HV730 HP series is
available in the performance class: SK 50|HSK-A 100.


  • Performance Class SK50|HSK-A 100
  • X-Axis = 2,000-8,300 mm
  • Y-Axis = 730|930|1,130|1,330 mm
  • Z-Axis = 950|1,150|1,350 mm
  • Speed Range: 8.000-15.000 rpm
  • Drive Power Motor Spindle: max. 73 kW
  • Torque max. 700 Nm

  • Revolutionary machine concept with incomparable stability and precision
  • Extremely powerful swivel head, unclamped with 5000 Nm of torque for 3D machining
  • Modular construction with perfect configuration for customized individual solutions
  • Optimum vibration damping even when using hard-cutting tools
  • Highest surface quality on the workpiece during the roughing process
  • Significant reduction of unit costs due to unnecessary post-processing processes
  • Significant reduction of tool costs through longer tool life
  • Consistent cutting conditions even on the top Z-axis position
  • Maximum table load of up to 3,000 kg per meter of table length
  • Automatic tool change from the standard magazine up to Ø 250 mm

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