3-Axis Machining Centers
Successfully also with 3-axis

Flexibility and long traverse paths with the highest precision

The L series features outstanding stability, especially over extremely long
traveling distances. From 1,300 to 12,000 mm in the X-axis, the basic
machine can be configured with a high degree of flexibility and is suitable
for both single part production and efficient mass production with
multiple clamping. Featuring a vertical rotary table and counter bearing,
the system enables the machining of especially long workpieces on four
sides. An additional productivity enhancement can be realized by employ-
ing a double spindle and|or pendulum machining in two work areas.
The L-series offers optimized production solutions.

The L-series comprises three basic machine types that can be expanded
to suit the customer's needs. The intelligent machine construction
concept allows the work area to be adapted to accommodate numerous
table solutions as early as in the series production machine. This means
that machining processes can be optimized, shortening production times
significantly. The L series is available in two performance classes:
SK 40|HSK 63 and SK 50|HSK 100.

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