6-Axis Machining Centers
Only miracles are more multifunctional

The universal milling head opens another dimension in machining

The HVU series has a new milling head that can be rotated continuously
about two axes, enabling machining of long workpieces, such as e.g. long
structural steel members and complex enclosures. In conjunction with a
horizontal rotary table, 3D contours and up to five sides can be machined
in one clamping.

Machining processes in connection with multiple voltage or pendulum
machining are individually interpretable and highly efficient and
productive depending on the requirements. The HVU series also offers
solutions for turning, gear cutting or deep hole drilling from the modular
construction system. The HVU series is also available in two performance
classes: SK 40/ HSK 63 and SK 50/ HSK 100.

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