Technical equipment Options -

Rotary tables
For all-round machining of the workpieces, rotary
tables are available in almost all variants and drive

X-axis drives

Linear drive up to 100 m/min.
In the case of longer X-axes and highly dynamic
machining processes, a linear drive can make
a significant contribution to reducing piece times

Rack and pinion drive up to 48 m/min.
For dynamic and powerful machining of large parts.

Coolant systems
Adapted to all machine sizes and customer requirements.

  • Internal coolant supply up to 120 bar
  • Coolant tank up to 10,000 litres
  • Application-specific filter systems
  • Additional pumps for automation and special applications
  • Coolant temperature control
  • Air through spindle
  • Air/coolant high pressure at outer nozzles
  • Circulation control coolant tank
  • Oil skimmer
  • Automatic filling of the coolant system
  • Connection to central coolant system
  • Minimum quantity lubrication

Coolant systems with edge gap fi lter

Slat-band conveyors in special sizes